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How to Order Your FG Xpress PowerStrips

Please review the following information on how to order your FGXpress PowerStrips so that you can START using your PowerStrips as soon as possible.

FGXpress uses the Direct to Consumer distribution method that gives people all over the world who are suffering from pain the ability to purchase this product online and have it delivered directly to them.

To order your FGXpress PowerStrips online from the company is EASY and SECURE.   Start the process by clicking on the Order Your Power Strips button below:

Order Your PowerStrips Today

After you CLICK on the button, you will be taken to the order page where you will be able to SELECT the package that best suits your needs.

FGXpress is a company that sells direct to consumers worldwide though its membership services.  What this means is that to order your FGXpress PowerStrips you will sign-up as a Preferred Customer.

This is similar to joining a COSTCO or SAM’s CLUB, or another similar buying club etc.

It is very simple to do and only costs $12.00 USD per year.  This amount will be added to your first order.

When you sign-up as a Preferred Customer of FGXpress, you will receive a Membership Number.  This is the number that you will use to order your FGXpress PowerStrips.  It is also the number that will be attached to your own website, just like the one you are placing your order on, which will give you the opportunity to help people you know who are also looking for pain relief by referring them to the company’s website so they can enjoy the benefits too.

Order your FG Xpress PowerStrips Page

Buy Your PowerStrips NowDepending on how you access our site, you may start at the above screen or the screen below.

Create Your Order

Customize Your MembershipComplete Your Order

To order your FGXPress PowerStrips please fill in all the information that is required on this page.

STEP 1: Check to make sure you are ordering from the correct country (if not you can find your country by scrolling down the list).

STEP 2: In the ‘Create Your Order’ section, you have a choice of different packages that are available for purchase.

You can start with a one-month’s supply, which is a package of 15 PowerStrips. Each strip is recommended to be worn for approx. 48 hours.

If you are sharing with a family member or friend, you might want to consider a two pack.

The cost for a package of 15 PowerStrips is $69.95 US. (That is less than $2.35 a day to relieve pain & give you more energy.)

As a bonus, the company is now adding an additional 3 PowerStrips with each order of 15. This will enable you to share your strips with someone you know who is also suffering from pain.

(This promotion maybe for a limited time only).

Clicking on the package image will display the purchase/shipping details. To select the product package for purchase, you must click on the Select Offer button.

STEP 3: In the ‘Customize Your Membership’ section, you will find the option of setting your monthly Autoship. If you are not familiar with this term; Autoship is for members who want to have their orders sent out to them automatically every 4 weeks. This prevents you from running out of PowerStrips. You can also buy your PowerStrips anytime you wish.

STEP 4: Once you have finished setting your Autoship, Click on the Done button.

STEP 5: In the ‘Customize Your Membership’ section, fill in all the required personal and shipping information on the company’s secured page.

STEP 6: Fill in your payment details. This information is kept secure and confidential.

STEP 7: Fill in your contact information and password to manage your account. Don’t forget to record this information.

STEP 8: Check off the boxes at the bottom pertaining to receiving information from the company and / or the person who shared this site with.

STEP 9: Please check off the box that confirms your order.

STEP 10: Click the Complete button to confirm your order and receive your PowerStrips.

That’s it!

Your order conformation will be sent to the email address you provided.

All orders are shipped by the US Postal Service and usually within 48 hours of receiving your order.

The approximate number of days for delivery after you order your FG Xpress PowerStrips are:

US residents: 3 – 5 business days

Canadian residents: 7 – 10 business days

International residents: 7 – 14 business days

*If you have any trouble when you order your FG Xpress PowerStrips online or you would prefer ordering by phone through one of our customer support people, you can also order by calling the support line to set-up your account and they will help you place your order.

The phone number is: 1-801-655-5500.

If you call into support, they will need the membership number or name of the person who referred you to FG Xpress. My number is 1189922 and/or my name is Cyndi Fleming-Alton.

Congratulations again on taking steps to relieve your pain naturally.