About Us

Cyndi Fleming-AltonCyndi was born a right-brainer in a left-brainer world. A free spirit, thinker, and dreamer she did what countless introspective right-brains do … she went into a left-brain scientific career.

After years in a successful career as a problem-solver, organizer, and planner she suffered a shocking personal loss. That, coupled with a crippling workload and related health challenges, sent Cyndi on a journey searching for answers for a better way of being.

Following her heart, Cyndi began a journey that took her to three continents where she lived; worked and volunteered for grass-roots organizations dedicated to improving the health, wealth and education of individuals. She read, learned, and debated the efficacy of a number of different approaches, modalities, and philosophies with elders, masters, and teachers from around the globe.

After learning and experiencing holistic therapies and alternative medicine and adopting a healthier and organic lifestyle, Cyndi has first hand knowledge of the powerful healing capabilities of all things natural. It is now her honor to share all that she has lived and learned with all those who seek it, and she is proud to be able to help others through their own personal healing journey.

Certification & Accreditation:

Below are some of the classes and courses Cyndi Fleming-Alton has completed as well as professional certifications and designations she holds:

Ayurvedic Foot Massage
Indian Head Massage
Law of Attraction Basic Practitioner
Meditation Instructor
Medicine Wheel Facilitator
Permaculture Design (currently studying)
Rejuvenating Face Massage
Reiki Practicioner
Practical Intuitive Shamanic Healer Training
St. John Ambulance First Aid
CPR/AED Provider

Cyndi Fleming-Alton has also studied the following modalities independently and with the guidance of elders, masters, teachers, and professionals:

Crystal Healing
Colour & Light Therapy

Cyndi currently lives in “rural” Fergus, Ontario with her partner, 2 Beagles, 2 Cats, and a potpourri of wild and not-so-wild critters.

Cyndi’s passions include her work as a “Creat-i-visionist” at Soulful Web Services, Wildlife Warrior, Eco-Environmentalist, and Photographer. She is addicted to Yoga, Meditation and everything Wellness.