Welcome to Serenicity

SerenicitySerenicity is a team of folks who are on a journey of self-discovery and awareness … and who are looking to make a difference in our beautiful world.

We hope you will be inspired by our offerings and find them a perfect complement to you on your journey.   Everything we offer has been carefully chosen to follow our ethos of promoting fair trade, protecting our earth, and being spiritually as well as socially and environmentally conscious. All of our third-party suppliers treat their employees with dignity and respect.

If you were looking for something and didn’t find it, please let us know. If you like what you see, please tell a friend, if you don’t see what you like, please tell us. We would love to hear from you, your comments and feedback are always appreciated.

May our products and services lift your spirit and bring you lasting wellness within. We wish you much health and happiness.